A good night’s sleep during your business class flight - Which airlines feature the best bed options?

When choosing what class you’ll be flying, one of the first most considerations on your mind should be the amount of rest you’re looking forward to. Economy class is great for short flights during which you won’t need to rest. However, for longer fights, choosing an upgrade to business class can make all the difference.

Most, if not all, airline companies will offer you seating that can double as a chair – for maximum comfort during long flights. Keep reading for the best business class choices that will leave you fully rested at landing.

1. Qatar Airways

Qatar has been single handedly offering some of the best in-flight experiences around, for a while. Since 2017, their business class experience has risen considerably and upped the stakes for every other luxury airline in the game.

Sliding doors for complete privacy, double beds, adjustable front panels and fully movable monitors – what's not to love! Organize your own little space exactly as you see fit and enjoy the comfort of a good night’s rest, away from prying eyes. You can even shift the space to your liking, creating a four-way suite where you’ll be free to work, chat or simply enjoy time together with the people sitting around you.

2. Singapore Airlines

One of the best luxury flights in the world, Singapore Airlines never fails to impress. Featuring some of the widest seats in the world, you can be sure the comfort and roominess are unmatched. Extensive private space in a personal square structure, with all the entertainment, utilities and bedding necessities involved.

As a bonus, you get access to a series of excellent, restaurant-level dining options while fully 30 thousand feet in the air. Treat yourself during your flight and enjoy it to the utmost.

3. Virgin Atlantic

When flying Virgin, you’re not going to want to go back. With every suite facing the window, you will enjoy the wonders of a personalized space, without needing to adjust anything – it is built into the design of the service. The seats are fantastic, but you won’t even care about them, as the entertainment system will capture your full attention.

And if the words of a business class travel consultant are of any value, they provide some of the best entertainment around. With access to an 18.5” screen, and a vast, easily controllable selection of things to watch – you'll be in the right hands. As for something more interesting, there is the Loft – a mid-flight bar area where you can socialize and share drinks with fellow passengers. The perfect opportunity for networking and finding unlikely friends!

4. Air France

When looking for a luxurious seating experience, nothing compares to this carrier. When booking business class flights to Europe, you can’t go wrong with Air France. Reverse herringbone seating, excellent, out-of-this-world French dining options and amazing customer service are just some of the treats for you on the flight.

Enjoy the fine selection of food and drink, on the way to one of the most romantic places in the world!

5. Apex Suites

An unsung hero of the seating options is provided by Apex. Miniature and consistent, they don't seem overly promising upon the first impression. However, among business class airlines, these seats are fully among the best. The window seats provide some of the best flying experience around, as they are highly private, even having a personalized walkway.

Forget ever disturbing anyone or having to shift uncomfortably around people – you have your very own space while flying here, and may even forget that anyone else is out there!

We hope this list has helped you make your decision! Stay tuned for more!