How to fly safely in 2021: 8 Reasons to consider booking business class

A lot of things are still up in the air when it comes to international travel. Nonetheless, flexible booking options, holiday packages and a loyal flight agent will be enough to get the shown back on the road.

Having a business class travel agency is essential in making sure your tickets can be refunded, as opportunities continue shifting around.

Today, we've analyzed the best way of flying safely in 2021 and we're ready to bring you the biggest insights to make your flights in 2021 a success.

1. Book business class early to save money

You may not believe it, but things are going to be overbooked soon. That’s in part due to the vacations that got delayed from 2020, meaning everyone else has already shifted their date with the airline companies. Plan adjustments became especially easy whencheap business flights appeared on the horizon.

2. The savviest choice

As demand starts up once more, so will the prices rise, as well as a stricter cancellation policy. All of these makes booking early the most travel-savvy decision you can make. It ensures you get the class you want, for the flight you want in 2021 – which is no easy task.

3. Health requirements are better enforced

Another way to fly safely in 2021 involves respecting all the new health-related requirements both on-board, as well as outside of it. In most places, you’ll need to supply a negative Covid-19 test before you’re allowed to board and avoid quarantine.

4. Extensive onboard procedures

Health insurance is necessary to investigate, whether it’s mandatory or not. Consider the potential effects of getting sick abroad with no insurance, and instead, opt for the better choice.

Make sure to follow all on-board procedures. For example, Lufthansa’s business class international flight requires you to wear the mask for the entire duration of the flight, except for the periods when you eat. By following the regulations in place, you help keep yourself and others safe and healthy.

5. Handy apps and contactless options

A relatively new commodity, you’re now able to use most of the airport’s functions without having to physically interact with much of it. Most airports and airlines have apps which will streamline the process and make your life that much easier.

Business-class flights to Europe and from there should have this choice already, but inquire at your Airport what safety precautions they have already put in place.

6. Health-conscious decision making

When choosing which class to fly, consider the safety precautions in place. Business-class flights often leave the middle seat open and support added safety measures in terms of cleaning amenities and more.

Flying business class also supports slightly more space between your fellow passengers, depending on the dynamic seating arrangement. That makes an easier choice to make, than flying coach.

7. Better, safer amenities

Certain safety measures, such as special filters on the vents, are installed across the entire airplane, so you will still benefit from them, but you might miss some other features. Whether it’s disinfectant or plenty of alcohol wipes, your business class choice will offer it.

8. Price

As the economy is still shaky, money continues to be a tense subject for some people. If you’re worried about how much business class is, then remember that you can always use previously stocked up miles to pay for it. Now is the perfect time to pay with points! Cancellation policies for point-based purchases are usually more lenient, as they aren't as much of a loss for the airline as refunds are. We hope these reasons have helped you come to a decision which will prove healthy and prosperous for your 2021.