Top five first-class commercial airlines

Sometimes – you just want to go big. Opting for the fanciest, most luxurious, and opulent experiences the Earth can provide you, take to the skies and you'll find exactly what you're looking for. The first-class flights presented to you in this article are not exactly who those that are on a budget, but if you can afford to treat yourself or the ones you love – nothing gets better than this.

Today, we've selected the top five first-class airlines in the world, which have distinguished themselves either through excellent overall experience or something unique and wonderful. Keep reading to find out!

Singapore Airlines

Their suites are impeccable, and there is nothing negative to say about them, as the company doubles down each year to make them stand out among the rest. Featuring lavishly decorated rooms and dimensionality of over 50 square feet – it's hard to fight the sheer volume of splendor coming your way.

First-class tickets with Singapore Airlines provide you with: a desktop for work, large TV for relaxation, and a large bed for a good night's sleep. Control the lighting and atmosphere using a handy tablet – everything in place is designed to delight the senses.


Emirates’ first-class travel is one of a kind. The unique options offered will surprise you, as you get to experience zero gravity beds, onboard virtual reality, and exclusive drinks. With the only floor-to-ceiling privacy doors available, this choice provides for maximum privacy and personalization. Enjoy yourself in a seat that makes you feel as if you're levitating while calling up your travel attendants digitally, should you feel the need.

The futuristic experience supplies an utterly unique glimpse into what travel could look like down the line – meanwhile, it still is one of the most enticing flying options out there.

Qatar Airways

If you’re looking for a unique design, and a luxurious atmosphere that competes with 5-star hotels – this is where you’ll find it. With dividers for added privacy and an extensive seating choice, you can recline comfortably as much as you need – as it becomes a full-sized bed within instants.

The amenities are also something to behold: with in-flight slippers, sleeping suits, and customized packages brought to you directly from Italy! This world-class airline choice makes every effort to impress by making the experience as exceptional as possible. When looking at the first-class vs business class options, this is the case where it’s perfectly clear what a premium experience can bring you. Excellency in every detail, this choice is marvelous for special occasions.

Air France

Air France is known for its suites which offer a striking design and excellent service. The thick curtains are impermeable, should you want privacy, with a large reclining seat that stretches into a sizable bed. With a personal 24-inch HD touchscreen, you can experience bliss in selecting what you need.

The Air France first-class choice is an excellent choice if you’re primarily looking for exquisite design. The French know how to style a place up – you will never forget you’re having a premium experience, as the atmosphere itself is exquisitely crafted to delight the eye.

Cathay Pacific

Sometimes it’s not all about the flight itself. With one of the most fascinating lounges in the world at the Hong Kong airport, it keeps a no-nonsense business-like attitude while remaining delightful. Traveling with Cathay Pacific is a refined experience, which is both luxurious and sophisticated.

With a fine-tuned leather design and elegant stitching, the space ensures utmost comfort. Mirroring the lounge, the onboard experience is designed to provide a consistent and pleasant feeling, with tasteful luxury in every corner, without being garish or overdone.

If any of these piqued your interest, give luxury airlines a try – you'll deeply appreciate the experience.