Travelling First-Class with Your Entire Family - How Can You Get a Discount?

Now may be the perfect time to look for your first-class tickets for the entire family. How come? Flying is becoming increasingly of a possibility with each passing day, as countries slowly but surely start opening their borders again.

Take your vaccines and let your wings soar as you’re finally ready to have that family trip everyone wanted since a couple of years ago. Now is the time! With prices drastically dropping, you can find extremely good discounts for first-class travel like never before. We’ll tell you how to find them.

1. Book right

When booking a flight, make sure you book first-class flights online. That makes all the difference, as offline you may find the prices slightly inflated, or not as many deals. Meanwhile, online you get to window shop and save time and energy, which can be better spent on making the right decision.

Similarly, look for the services of a flying agent – they will help you secure the best deals, 100% of the time. You both make money! By way of your flying agent cutting the price of each ticket, you are going to get an even better deal than before, as you multiply the savings by the considerable number of tickets you’re buying.

2.Guest miles program

One of the best inventions to date, which can be found when booking Etihad first class, for example, is the ability to transfer your flown miles from one program to the next. That is a game-changer, as you can use your American Express Membership Rewards to book first-class flights for considerably less than you would otherwise.

Remember to get the most out of the award system by booking the tickets separately, instead of together. That will guarantee that you maximize the reward, and get your money’s worth!


One of the simplest, yet most effective actions is to ask! Find information on the website, or even message or call the airline. In the case of Air France first class, for example, the information isn’t exactly paraded around – there are typically few cases where that is a selling point.

However, just for special occasions, they do include lowered fares for a family – provided you offer the necessary proof and accept the slight restrictions on the tickets’ change policy.

4.Start early

One of the ways to hack the system, so to speak, is to start travelling with your family as soon as possible. That way, you can sign everyone up for membership in the mileage program. For example, before booking your yearly discounted business class flights to Europe, make sure the miles are going to get saved up.

Trust us, you will be kicking yourself if you don’t - especially with the amazing deals coming your way soon! When you ensure each mile gets saved up, you may be able to travel together entirely for free, or at least use them to soften the price point to something more approachable.

5.Find opportunities

When booking Turkish Airlines first class, you wouldn’t expect to find amazing family deals – as that’s simply not what the company is for. However, you can adjust things in such a way that you get the most of what you pay.

Finding the right opportunities means enjoying the trips that have a layover attached to them, or require a 1 to 2 day stop en route. Why would you do that, especially if you have kids? That’s easy – you can organize a mini-vacation! Explore unfamiliar territory, while saving thousands of dollars in the process – such tickets tend to be ridiculously cheap, leading to ridiculous savings down the line.